Commercial Kitchen Rentals for Culinary Entrepreneurs FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Commercial kitchen is set up for commercial food production and is available to approved single or multiple users on an assigned schedule.

You can give as a call or you can send us an e-mail by using the contact information from www.atlaskitchenusa.com or you can fill the apply now form and set up an initial consultation. We will discuss your business concept and needs, information, resources and connections you will need specific to your business, requirements to become a participant business, the permitting process and tour of our facility.

We are happy to meet those interested in starting/ expanding a food business for an Initial Consultation, no matter what stage you are in and whether or not you are interested in becoming a ATLAS Commercial Kitchen participant business.

1. In-person Initial Consultation

2. Reviewed, initialed and signed Atlas Kitchen Operating Policies Handbook.

3. Reviewed, initialed and signed Atlas Kitchen Agreement.

4. Servsafe Food Manager’s Certificate.

5. Mass Allergen Certificate.

6. Certificate of Insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 occurrence and $2.000,000 aggregate with Atlas Commercial Kitchen Company listed as an additional insured along with a Waiver of Subrogation.

Once you become an “approved” Atlas Kitchen Participant business then you can submit your

1. Food Service Permit Application specific to Atlas Commercial Kitchen to the Woburn Board Of Health

2. If applicable, Wholesale Food Business License Application (if producing a food product for business to business resale in). We guide you through permitting /licensing process.

Once you become an ‘’approved ‘Atlas Kitchen Participant Business and you have been provided with an Acceptance Letter from Atlas Commercial Kitchen, you may submit the necessary applications for licensure and permitting. Atlas Commercial Kitchen will provide you with the Food Service Permit Application specific to Atlas Commercial Kitchen.

Certifications, Permits, Licenses ?

Any certifications, permits or licenses and insurances also need to be kept up-to-date and on File at Atlas Commercial Kitchen.

If you are interested in using the facility for cooking classes, product development, team-building, or photography you can get the Temporary Food Service Permit from the City Of Woburn. If you contact with us we will be guidance for this process.

In accordance with State of Massachusetts Child Labor Laws, no one under the age 14 is allowed to work in the Kitchen.

To meet with Atlas Commercial Kitchen management please fill out apply now submit the information form and we will do our best to contact you within 48 hours to schedule an Initial Consultation.

Yes, all ingredients and products are required by local and state regulatory agencies to be stored at the permitted kitchen facility where your business is permitted/licensed from purchase or delivery of ingredients until finished product is delivered or shipped to the customer.

Designated dry, cold and frozen storage is available to rent on a monthly basis.

Even if you are using a kitchen one time, you should obtain insurance and name the kitchen as an additional insured party.

Someone in your group should have Food Protection Manager Certification such as ServSafe.